How to Order from Fruitful

Fruitful is committed to obeying California’s state laws.  Here is how you schedule a Fruitful Delivery.

  1. Upload a picture of your medical cannabis doctor recommendation AND California ID, or e-mail to
  2. Complete our membership agreement form by clicking the .pdf logo below.
  3. Select your appointment time.

Once your doctor’s recommendation has been verified we will contact you to confirm your appointment time and order.

If you don’t have a medical cannabis recommendation, we can help.  Contact us and we’ll help you through the process.

Additional Notes:

  • Please have your ID and paperwork for your consultation.
  • We will have a form for you to sign that makes you a Fruitful member.  This is the same form you sign upon your first visit to any dispensary.
  • Once we get to know you, ordering will be fast and easy!
  • We will NOT share any of your personal information with anyone.

Add google form with member info here.

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